Friday, November 21, 2008

PhD Info:-Canada

Univ Of WaterLoo,Ontario,Canada
About Them:
Top researchers and dynamic graduate students from around the world .Its vision is to use their unique resources to perform world-class research in the field of micro/nanotechnology. This is consistent with their goal of designing practical micro/nanosystem solutions to common real-world problems.
List Of Current Scholors,plz clik on the given link:-

1. MEMS/NEMSMicro/Nanoelectromechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS)
2. Microassembly
3. Nanodevices for Biomedical Applications
Projects Running:-
Lab currently looking for energetic and hardworking undergraduate & graduate students to work on the following projects:
1. MEMS Optical Scanner for endoscopic optical coherence tomographic imaging.
2. Micromirror devices with confocal macroscopy for genetic microarray reading and tissue imaging.
3. Robotics for micromanipulations of MEMS components.
4. Carbon nanotube-based sensors for biomedical applications.
5. Lab-on-a-chip designs.
Contact :-
A Passion To Connect
Mailing Address:Department of Systems Design EngineeringUniversity of Waterloo200 University Avenue WestWaterloo, Ontario,
N2L 3G1Office: DC 2631
Tel: +1-519-888-4567, ext 32152Fax: +1-519-746-4791
Email: jyeow[at]

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