Sunday, November 9, 2008

ECG Vs EEG n Role of NanoScience in It

Que:- Is there is any difference between in EEG and ECG?
Can Nanotechnology play an important role in it?

Ans:- 1):- Yes, both process are using in diagonostic process but differ from one another.

In ECG/EKG which referred as a Electro-Cardiography which used for detecting the
rhythm of the heart pulses.It normally carried out for the detection of Weak and
strong pulses.For more Information U can go for this link:

2):- Now EEG which referred as a Electro-Encephlography is used to detect the electrical signals generated from the brain.Electrodes have been placed in the different lobes of the brain.Beside this one EKG/ECG electrode it also includes. Normally it have been carried out on such patients whose are affecting from certain Mental problems like Headache,Seizures,Epilepsy, Migrain etc.It is one of the Important Tool in Neurological field after MRI for the detection of chemical imbalances in the Brain. For more Information U can go for this link


As Both these process required high Quality gold plated Electrodes,Conducting Paste and Cleaning Gel.All of these are very costly.Its my opinion that Material Science playing an important role in it.Using Carbon Nanotubes and other Nanomaterials for making these items hopefully lower down its costing.As we all know that the CNT have remarkable features like its mechanical strength,its chirality,its conducting nature etc..Presently the main challenges with it to control its chirality,its diameter n lots of factor associated with it otherwise,One day It will be one of the furture alternatives of material in different sectors.

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