Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Magnetic Nanoparticles helps in detecting cancer
MRI is one of the tools for doctors that can help in diagnosis of cancer cells. In this technique magnetic waves are used for detecting different types of tissues. Researchers have found that magnetic nanoparticles can help in identifying cancer cells especially during MRI scan.
A team of researchers found that these magnetic nanoparticles binds themselves to the cancer cells and act as radio transmitters and therefore enhance the capabilities of MRI detection.
The finding of the research have been published recently in an online journal of American Chemical Society where the researchers claim that they have fabricated smallest magnetic nanoparticle and after coating it, the nanoparticle enhances the MRI signal.
The researchers fabricated peptide-coated iron oxide nanoparticle and it was injected to the mice for locating a tumor cell known as U87MG. A perfect size of the nanoparticle and a particular peptide coating thickness was achieved and this magnetic nanoparticle was found to give best results

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