Thursday, December 18, 2008

NanoBiotechnology In Jamia Hamdard

Jamia Hamdard plans to set up a nanobiotechnology centre to facilitate research in the field. A faculty has been selected to carry out research and training as well as to chalk out a Masters course in nanobiotechnology soon. The course will be a five-year doctoral programme.
Fascinated by the principle behind nanotechnology, which is reducing the size of a product and increasing its efficiency manifold, S Ahmad, vice chancellor of the university decided to start the first of its kind research centre at Jamia Hamdard.
Elaborating on the areas which will be at the core of the research projects, Ahmad said, As the name suggests nanobiotechnology means using tiny tools to learn about living things. By using nanotechnology, we can change the genetic code of the human body. The deficiencies in the body can be cured by using tiny and efficient tools once the problem is identified, added Ahmad.
In drug delivery even minuscule alterations to the surface of the nanobased structures can affect the toxicity of the individual cells. Toxicity is desirable for particles that kill cancer cells or harmful bacteria. So, biotechnology associated with nanotechnology can revolutionise human life, he said.
The faculty will be interdisciplinary in nature. We have invited faculty members of other science subjects to conduct experiments to improve their scientific and technical expertise. We will also register students to this department who are interested in innovations and honing their technical skills, he added.
The budget required is Rs 1,500 crore. Since it is a deemed university, Jamia Hamdard does not get grants from University Grants Commission (UGC). We have sent requests to various ministries for financial aid. As of now, we are funding the programme from our own resources, said Ahmad.
The vice chancellor has also sent a proposal to the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to introduce nanotechnology from kindergarten to nurture young scientists. According to him, the proposal is under consideration. We need 15-20 years to shape a scientist in this field. By the time students complete their graduation and think of selecting nanotechnology as their area of expertise, other subjects have already consumed much of their time and attention.

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