Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Proud of Neuro-Pathology

Dr Anshu Gupta
Associate Professor
MBBS , MD (Pathology)
O.I/C , Emergency Lab
Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences,Delhi

This article describe about the life achievement of that person who is completely dedicated for the patient care services in neuro-pathology field. A person not only hard working and sincere but helpful to the needy patients and friendly ,supportive and co-operative with her collegues . This inspired the other persons too ,who connected to the patient care services directly or indirectly.

Dr Anshu Gupta's profile:-

Dr Anshu Gupta graduated from Pt.BD Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences,Rohtak,India.
She did her MD in Pathology from the same college. Dr Anshu Gupta joined Pt. B.D Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences as a Assistant Professor and presently giving her services as a Associate Professor and Officer In Charge of Emergency Laboratory in the Department of Neuro-pathology at Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, Dilshad Garden, Delhi .Her research papers and articles published in national and international journals like Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology , Springer Journal , Indian Journal of Urology ,Wiley InterScience etc

Important Neuro-Pathology Facilities available at IHBAS:

This Institute is one of the reputed Institute of Northern India for the treatment of different types of Mental disorders e.g Epilepsy and its different types,Dementia,Alzhiemers,Cerebal Palsy,Depression ,Movement Disorders,Fits,Tremors , Brain Tumors,Mental Retardation etc. IHBAS has a facility of different Neuro-Patholoical Biological instruments like optical Microscope etc.All instruments are of international Standards for study the human tumors using Histopathology and Cytology procedures.Urine and Blood Characterization performed in Neuro-Pathology Laboratory from well trained Technicians and Consultants on a modern instruments. Beside this IHBAS has a facility of high power 3T-MRI (3 tesla=30,000 guass) which can provide the better resolution of the soft tissues than normal MRI.It is available only at few parts of Delhi.

Some of her famous published articles and research papers in leading journals:-

Giant appendicular schwannoma in a child in Indian Journal Pathology Microbiology - 52(2), april-june 2009

A case report on Acute pancreatitis: a rare cause of acute abdomen in pregnancy Volume 279, Number 4 / April, 2009 published in Springer Journal: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Obstructive anuria due to blood clot : Volume 278, Number 4 / October, 2008 published in Springer Journal : Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics

A Case Report on Testicular granulosa cell tumor, adult type :Year : 2008 | Volume : 51 | Issue : 3 |Page : 405-406 published in 2008 Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology

Adrenal angiomyolipoma: A rare entity Indian Journal of Urology in July-Sept 2007

A case report on Ovarian actinomycosis in absence of intrauterine contraceptive device: an unusual presentation published in Wiley Interscience in 2002:

For Queries Regarding Neuro-Pathology Imaging ,feel free to Contact from the concern Person:-

Dr Anshu Gupta
Associate Professor
MBBS , MD (Pathology)
O.I/C , Emergency Lab
IHBAS,,Delhi or in Academic Block in Room No 212

!!! Mental Illness is Treatable
!!! Contact your Physician if any side effect arise from the Medication.

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